Rehearsals start tomorrow!

Just a reminder to cast and parents that our first day of rehearsals is scheduled for tomorrow, October 7th, from 10am.
This year, thanks to the Gwen and Edna Jones Foundation, we have been given special access to the Saint John’s Halls on the corner of Manifold and Princess Streets for our rehearsals.

Parents are invited to an afternoon tea meet and greet from 2:30pm.

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Holiday Actors Young Directors announce the cast for Company

With over 30 auditions from the region’s most talented young musical actors, Holiday Actors Young Directors midyear cast has been finalized, and it is set to be an engaging, thought provoking and creative production of the musical comedy great, ‘Company’.

From information sessions to workshops to auditions, Holiday Actors encouraged young musical theatre veterans and novices to embrace their incredible and diverse talent, and show the audition panel that they could dance, act and sing.

Following an intensive weekend of auditions and call-backs, the 14 member cast has been announced, and is extremely talented, devoted and enthusiastic. Rehearsals have already started to transform Company into another Holiday Actors renowned musical hit that will capture audiences and that will be simply amazing.

Congratulations to the 2017 Company Cast:

Robert – Keelan Mast

Sarah – Zara Lukeis
Harry – Gabriel Tejano

Susan – Amelie Gleeson
Peter – Lachlan Trigg

Jenny – Jennifer Rowan
David – Dayne Eggers

Amy – Aislinn Primmer
Paul – Hudson Buckle

Joanne – Vanessa Parkinson
Larry – James Anderson

Marta – Angela Kenna
Kathy – Madeline Solly
April – Jessica Benter

The Young Directors of Holiday Actors would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who auditioned. Those of you who did not make the cast, please know that the talent of those who auditioned was amazing, so please don’t stop singing, acting and dancing….Our summer show will be just around the corner.

MEET THE SWEET CHARITY CAST – Lyndon Hurley (Vittorio Vidal)

My name is Lyndon, I’m currently 17 years old and have just completed year 11. I’ve been involved with musicals since I was in year 7, performing in many King’s College productions. Like many others I began my HA journey with Big Fish, and it has not only been the best musical I’ve ever done, but one of the best experiences in my life. Since then I’ve performed in the mid year show ‘Godspell’, another awesome and rewarding experience.

The character I play in Sweet Charity, Vittorio Vidal, is a famous Italian movie star who stumbles across Charity after his girlfriend Ursula walks out on him. Vittorio lives a relatively carefree life among famous and pompous people, and is characterised by a slightly egotistical and dramatic nature, especially towards Ursula. However, his interaction with Charity provides a breath of fresh air from his life of fame, and he finds himself intrigued and fascinated by her story and her hopeful personality. 

So far Sweet Charity has been yet another amazing journey. While rehearsals can sometimes be long and tiring, they are just as often fun and enjoyable, and it’s quite satisfying being able to master a song or dance. The show seems to really be coming along, with all the elements coming together to make something we can be proud of. The most fun I’ve had so far has to have been camp, with all the group activities, and especially red faces. I’m still so surprised at the amount of talent our cast has to offer, both on and off the stage. I’ve also enjoyed carolling with the crew at various places around Warrnambool. 

Joining Holiday Actors has given me many great opportunities to advance my skills on the stage, and over the last year since completing Big Fish I’ve been able to improve my singing and dancing abilities. However, what’s really important to me about HA is the friendships and memories that have been, and continue to be made. I’m so thankful to be a part of such a close, tight-knit group of individuals, and it’s what keeps me coming back to each HA show. Not only does our small community put on some of the best performances in our area, but we have the most fun doing it, and that’s what makes HA so special.

Sweet Charity may not be the most well known musical, but it certainly has a lot to offer, from large musical numbers, exotic Bob Fosse styled dancing, and a touching personal journey of the main character. It tells a story of rising above ones circumstances, dealing with heartbreak, and remaining hopeful even when times are tough. I think most people, no matter how old, will be able to relate to the main character and her adventures in some way. It’s certainly a musical that everyone can see and enjoy, so come along to the lighthouse and let us take you on a journey you won’t regret!

Book by Neil Simon / Music by Cy Coleman / Lyrics by Dorothy Fields Based on an original screenplay by Federico Fellini, Tullio Pinelli and Ennio Flaiano / Produced for the Broadway stage by Fryer, Carr and Harris / Conceived, staged and choreographed by Bob Fosse

MEET THE CAST – Keelan Mast (Daddy) and Chloe McInnes (Ursula)

Keelan Mast

Keelan headshotTELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: My name is Keelan mast, I have been acting for 14 years, my first show was kids summer nights dream with primary performers in 2004 where I played the roll of pucks assistant (My director, Caleb actually played the role of Puck). I love performing, I am also in a band called cheeky fellas. I’m not sure who I would be without theatre and music, I don’t think I could imagine a life without them. In my spare time I love to indulge in Aunty Donna and the Eric Andre show.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER: Daddy is quite a unique character, he started out in San Fransisco tooting on his trumpet loud and mean living a normal life, he then moved on and grew bigger to where he now runs his own secret church where he is worshipped by all who follow him. Playing the role of daddy allows me to really experiment with my acting and movement abilities within a character. Daddy’s character is free willing, and very relaxed, giving the impression of being high on life. Daddy is a generic 70s hippie.

TELL US ABOUT REHEARSALS: the rehearsals have been awesome! Can’t get enough of them, sweet charity is really coming along, I love the story line and the journey charity takes us on!

WHY DO YOU LOVE HOLIDAY ACTORS? Holiday actors is the one time that I get to meet new people, and become friends with so many people of all ages, I love holiday actors because it’s a non judgmental group and it gives me a place where I can be myself!

WHY SHOULD WE GO AND SEE SWEET CHARITY? Come and see sweet charity if you don’t you will 100% regret it! There is a wide range of actors, and jokes for all ages, it gives younger kids a chance to see what they might want to be when they’re older. It really is fun for the whole family!

Chloe McInnes

Chloe headshotTELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: I’m Chloe, I’m seventeen and I love the wonderful world of musical theatre. I love preforming and getting to create and bring a story to life with people who also love to perform.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER: I play Ursula, the girlfriend of the Italian movie star Vittorio. Ursula is high maintenance and considers herself very high class. On the surface she upholds the façade that she’s very independent and able to fly solo without Vittorio by her side, but deep down she does care deeply for him and reveals her true feelings when she feels she might be about to lose him. Ursula is a fun character to play because her two base emotions she exhibits is complete anger and fury and total upset and despair. At first glance those two emotions are easy to portray, but it leaves a lot of room to explore a deeper side to Ursula and discover more about what drives her, her passions and develop her characteristics.

TELL US ABOUT REHEARSALS: Rehearsals for Sweet Charity have been well underway for months and it’s been so wonderful getting to know everyone within our cast. From the time of our first rehearsal we’ve become a tight knit family that supports each other, even on days when we’re all tired and exhausted.

WHY DO YOU LOVE HOLIDAY ACTORS: I’ve been a member of this theatre company for almost five years now and every year it’s so much fun getting to spend the summer with dedicated people who love to perform as much as you do. Every year I love getting to know new members, as well as reuniting with returning members and watching old and new members bond to create a stellar performance. Holiday Actors is a part of your life that you always look forward too and you never forget. Every new member becomes part of our family and every year that family expands.

WHY SHOULD WE SEE SWEET CHARITY? Sweet Charity is a show filled with hilarious comedy and outstanding musical numbers accompanied with a brilliant score that will excite and leave the whole family astonished. Holiday Actors is renowned for producing amazing show with talent performers and Sweet Charity is no exception.

WHY IS SWEET CHARITY GREAT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY? I definitely recommend this show to anyone who loves theatre or anyone looking for a good night out. It’s a classic show that is perfect for the whole family.

Book by Neil Simon / Music by Cy Coleman / Lyrics by Dorothy Fields Based on an original screenplay by Federico Fellini, Tullio Pinelli and Ennio Flaiano / Produced for the Broadway stage by Fryer, Carr and Harris / Conceived, staged and choreographed by Bob Fosse

MEET THE SWEET CHARITY CAST – Phoebe Sloane (Nickie), Bree Cummins (Helene), Vanessa Parkinson (Helga)

Phoebe headshotTELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: My name is Phoebe Sloane, and I am 18 years old. Sweet Charity will be my 6th show with Holiday Actors, and I have been performing since I was 4 years old with dance concerts, school shows and in Primary Performers productions. I’m a sucker for all musicals, as I love to delve into each character and song, and learn lyrics by listening to songs over and over again until I can karaoke my way through them. Musicals bring people together.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER: My character; Nickie is a woman who has had to withstand the tests of time and is someone who offers the younger Fandango girls advice she wishes she once had. In a way I’m much the same in my own life, as I am someone who wants to help others grow and be their best.

TELL US ABOUT REHEARSALS: Sweet Charity rehearsals are moving along really nicely, we have learnt everything we need to know, and now is the time to perfect and polish before heading into the theatre. This is the time to really grasp the essence of our characters and give everything to our performances.

WHY DO YOU LOVE HOLIDAY ACTORS? Holiday Actors is a place where I can be myself and It’s where I’ve found some of my lifelong friends.

WHY SHOULD WE SEE SWEET CHARITY? Sweet Charity has everything from ‘Fosse’ choreography to intricate scene work and beautiful harmonies that the whole family can enjoy. Our show demonstrates companionship along with a sense of adventure with a little bit of faith, and we all cannot wait to perform Sweet Charity at the Lighthouse Theatre from the 11th-14th of January 2017 and show just what we’re capable of!

Bree headshotTELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: I’m 17 and I’m in to all types of art – especially performative! I have aspirations to become a professional actress, yet also to study in fields of nutritional science and naturopathy. Having just graduated year twelve at Mortlake College, I plan to pursue these ambitions through tertiary study. My love for the arts stems from my school’s annual musical which has seen me as a cast member for eight years, six of which I was main cast. The thing I enjoy least about any production is packing up my costumes after the last performance.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER: I play the role of Helene, a taxi dancer in the Fandango Ballroom and best friend to Charity, who contributes a whole lot of sass to the show as a result of her own disappointments with love. She remains quite the pessimist for the most part, lending herself fully to her role as a dance hostess however, at times, her character is instilled with a vague and fleeting sense of hope that she could overcome her ‘crummy’ occupation. Still, hardened by her own heartbreaks, Helene is vain and self-interested and likes to command attention in the ballroom. Often the deliverer of sarcasm and scandalous remarks, her attitude is counter-balanced with hostess Nickie, who possesses many maternal qualities. While Helene is often amused at Charity’s misfortunes with men, she always sympathises internally with her because of her own experiences.

TELL US ABOUT REHEARSALS: This year will mark my first ever show with the Holiday Actors Company, and first experience with the Musical ‘Sweet Charity.’ Getting involved is definitely proving to be a rewarding experience and the intensive rehearsals that occupy my weekends since September have been so enjoyable. Being introduced to new methods of rehearsal is always great as an aspiring actress and having the opportunity to work with so many talented, like-minded youths from the area makes rehearsals very satisfying. Not only are the cast fun, the production we are doing perfectly encapsulates the fun of the 60s decade with its quirky, isolated dance moves and comical dialogue.

WHY DO YOU LOVE HOLIDAY ACTORS? Holiday Actors has provided a great opportunity to experience more of the theatre environment I love and be involved with the creative processes productions encompass. I love being involved with this local theatre company because of the strong, familial bonds the cast form during production season and the carefree, inclusive atmosphere generated at our rehearsals. After my first rehearsal, I was left wondering why I hadn’t been involved in previous productions with the company because I found it so welcoming and edifying.

WHY SHOULD WE GO AND SEE SWEET CHARITY? Our own debut directors, experienced choreographer, cast and behind-the-scenes production team have given the local community the chance to support local talent, while being simultaneously entertained by the award-winning production! Show tickets to this event would make an excellent Christmas present for your friends and family.

WHY IS SWEET CHARITY GREAT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY? ‘Sweet Charity’ resembles the most fun and relatable story of misadventures I’ve ever encountered. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic like Charity, an admirer of witty humour and dialogue, or can simply just appreciate the value of an amazing musical score, this year’s Holiday Actors’ musical can be enjoyed by all audiences!

VP headshotTELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: Hi, my name is Vanessa Parkinson and I will be playing the character of ‘Helga’ in Holiday Actors production of Sweet Charity. Sweet Charity marks my sixth show with Holiday Actors, my first being Hairspray in 2013. Musical Theatre is my absolute passion (though my family would say it’s more of an obsession). I pride myself on my ridiculously extensive knowledge of all things Broadway!

TELL US ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER: I’m so excited to be playing such a funny role! I am lucky in that my character Helga, was pretty much created for me. Typically, Helga is actually a male character named Herman, however in this production we are changing it up! Helga is the kooky, old, tyrant of the Fandango Ballroom with a hidden soft side. It has been really fun developing Helga, I kind of like to think of her as a weird hybrid of Miss Trunchbull, Mama Rose and Edna Turnblad.

TELL US ABOUT REHEARSALS: Rehearsals have been super fun, as per usual. Because I am one of the older cast members this year, it has been awesome getting to know all these beautiful fresh faces and becoming close with the new generation of Holiday Actors whilst working on a classic show together.

WHY DO YOU LOVE HOLIDAY ACTORS? I love Holiday Actors because it is really the only place in Warrnambool where kids can come and share their passion for performing with one another. It has been so instrumental in my development as a performer and I really am so grateful to be a part of such a supportive community.

WHY SHOULD WE SEE SWEET CHARITY? You must come and see Sweet Charity in January! It is such bright and energetic show with an awesome fresh cast! It’s a tale of finding yourself even if you don’t know what you’re looking for. It is a truly heartwarming show and a real classic!

WHY IS SWEET CHARITY GREAT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY? It’s a story about hope and teaches the lesson that even when things seem impossible, there is always something better out there for you. The older generations will recognise some of the music too! I caught my Mum singing ‘Rhythm of Life’ the other day even though she swears she despises musical theatre! It’s quirky and unique and just a really fun show!

Book by Neil Simon / Music by Cy Coleman / Lyrics by Dorothy Fields
Based on an original screenplay by Federico Fellini, Tullio Pinelli and Ennio Flaiano / Produced for the Broadway stage by Fryer, Carr and Harris / Conceived, staged and choreographed by Bob Fosse