Sweet Charity Information and Workshop Day

We will be holding our Sweet Charity information and workshop day on Saturday September 10th. Share this post with all your friends, print out the poster and put it up at your school/workplace. This show is going to be great fun for everyone!
Audition materials will made available here on our site, so if you can’t attend, you’ll still have everything you need to audition.


Big Fish Audition Callbacks

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who has auditioned for our production of “Big Fish” over the last week. We have been overwhelmed by the talent and are incredibly excited to be one step closer to finalising our cast!

Some principal characters and dancers will be invited to attend the callbacks on Monday the 21st at the audition venue– you will be notified of the specific time.

Some of the characters that we are calling back will be required to sing the following material:

  • Edward Bloom – “Time Stops” (/)
  • Sandra Bloom – “Time Stops” (/)
  • Will Bloom – “Stranger” (/)
  • Josephine and Jenny – “Two men in my life” first 30 seconds. Bar 1 bar 10 (/)
  • Amos – “Closer to her” Bar 7-22 (/)
  • Don and Zach – “Start Over” Bar 3-16 (/)
  • The Witch – “The Witch Song” (/)

The sheet music and an mp3 of the track can be found at the links above.