Sweet Charity’s Zara Lukeis and Vanessa Parkinson take 3WayFM behind the scenes of this iconic musical


Sweet Charity’s Zara Lukeis and Vanessa Parkinson caught up with 3WayFM’s John MacInnes, revealing some of the highlights from Holiday Actor’s upcoming show Sweet Charity.

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MEET THE CAST: Gabriel Tejano introducing Oscar from Sweet Charity

Gabriel headshotTELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: Hi everyone! I’m Gabriel and I play the supporting role of Sweet Charity, Oscar Lindquist. I’m 17 years old and enjoy playing guitar, which initially got me involved in musicals. After playing in two shows in the orchestra (LSOH and Big Fish), I decided to join Warrnambool College’s musical Legally Blonde and was cast as Emmett Forrest.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER: Oscar is quite an odd character, funny, but odd. We are first introduced to him in the “elevator scene”, where we quickly discover his vulnerability in “small, tight places that you cant get out of”. Out of this, Charity and Oscar begin a roller coaster of a relationship. Madly in love, we see Oscar change from a shy and anxious tax accountant into a protective, comforting and more confident man.

TELL US ABOUT REHEARSALS: Sweet Charity Rehearsals are something no doubt I and many others look forward to throughout the week. We start rehearsals with a few quick games which, sometimes (most of the time), end very hectically, with people grabbing and not letting go in order to win a game of Traffic Lights. It’s fun. We usually continue the day with dancing, acting and lastly singing.

WHY DO YOU LOVE HOLIDAY ACTORS? Joining Holiday Actors for the first time has been quite a thrill. The super-friendly cast has made it easy to settle into because you’re around people who share the same interests with you; hobbies, music.. musicals – and even if you don’t know many lyrics from musicals, you’ll finish the show knowing more lyrics than ever. *cough* Hamilton. *cough*

WHY SHOULD WE SEE SWEET CHARITY? Sweet Charity is a quirky, emotional and constantly funny musical about determination, hope and love. We follow Charity Hope Valentine and her adventures, or better yet, misadventures in the hopes of finding where she truly belongs and through this, discovers her own rendition of love.

WHY IS SWEET CHARITY GREAT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY? Sweet Charity is for the whole family because it’s packed with exciting dances, a hilarious story and characters and above all, it’s fun! Though it’s not as commonly known as the other big musicals, it definitely deserves to be! Come see for yourself!

Book by Neil Simon / Music by Cy Coleman / Lyrics by Dorothy Fields
Based on an original screenplay by Federico Fellini, Tullio Pinelli and Ennio Flaiano / Produced for the Broadway stage by Fryer, Carr and Harris / Conceived, staged and choreographed by Bob Fosse

MEET THE CAST: Zara Lukeis introduces Charity Hope Valentine

Zara headshotTELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: My name is Zara Lukeis, I’m 15 years old and attend school at Emmanuel College here in Warrnambool. This year in the Holiday Actors production of Sweet Charity I will be playing the role of ‘Charity Hope Valentine’. This is only my third show with Holiday Actors and is my first time ever playing a lead role in a show! I love everything to do with performing arts, whether it be musical theatre or dance I always enjoy getting up on the stage and performing for people.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER: The show is a story about my character, ‘Charity Hope Valentine’, the girl who just wants to be loved. Whilst Charity faces plenty of ups and downs throughout her life she always manages to stay optimistic, although many of the situations she finds herself in often get the better of her.

TELL US ABOUT REHEARSALS: Rehearsals, as always, have been really fun this year but also a lot of hard work. It has been a really great experience so far to be able to develop my character and to work with the incredible cast and team of people that I am surrounded by.

WHY DO YOU LOVE HOLIDAY ACTORS? I love Holiday Actors because it brings together an amazing group of people who share a love of performing and musical theatre. I have made so many friendships throughout my 3 years so far with Holiday Actors that I know will last a lifetime. I hope to make so many more wonderful friendships and memories in years to come.

WHY SHOULD WE GO AND SEE SWEET CHARITY? Everyone has to come see Sweet Charity at The Lighthouse Theatre in January! It’s such a bright, fun and entertaining show with a lot of new faces in the cast that you may have not seen perform with Holiday Actors before! Sweet Charity is a show for the whole family and I guarantee that everyone will love it!

Book by Neil Simon / Music by Cy Coleman / Lyrics by Dorothy Fields
Based on an original screenplay by Federico Fellini, Tullio Pinelli and Ennio Flaiano / Produced for the Broadway stage by Fryer, Carr and Harris / Conceived, staged and choreographed by Bob Fosse

Sweet Charity Cast Announcement

Hey Big Spenders!
Congratulations to those who have been selected for the Holiday Actors cast of Sweet Charity 2017. There is no doubt that the adolescents of Warrnambool and surrounds are an exceptionally talented bunch and have a love of musical theatre and as such it is becoming harder and harder to choose a cast each year. To those that made it – well done and good luck for the hard work and commitment ahead that goes into presenting our musical each year.  For those that unfortunately missed out – please take the opportunity to ask our directors for some feedback and keep on working on your singing, dancing and acting skills because we would sincerely love for you to come back and try again next year.  Be sure to join us at the Lighthouse Theatre in January to see our story of love and hope “Sweet Charity”.
Without further ado, here is our 2017 cast!

Part Name
Charity Zara Lukeis
Charlie James Hickman
Helga Vanessa Parkinson
Manfred Aiden Morley
Oscar Gabriel Tejano
The Good Fairy Aislinn Primmer
Ursula Chloe McInnes
Vittorio Lyndon Hurley
Daddy Keelan Mast
Daddy’s Assisstant Dayne Eggers
Daddy’s Assisstant James Anderson
Daddy’s Assisstant Tom Kelly
Daddy’s Assisstant Will Bonney
Blind Man Luke Bartlett
Betsy (Fandango) Angela Kenna
Carmen (Fandango) Lauren Wrigley
Elaine (Fandango) Annabel Ziegeler
Frenchy (Fandango) Gabby Good
Helene (Fandango) Bree Cummins
Nickie (Fandango) Phoebe Sloane
Rosie (Fandango) Eden Agnew
Suzanne (Fandango) Maddy Solly
Fosse Girl 1 Ashlyn Walker
Fosse Girl 2 Marti McKenzie
Fosse Girl 3 Nicky McKenzie
Ensemble Aaron Body
Ensemble Ali McKenzie
Ensemble Alicia Wrigley
Ensemble Alli Beks
Ensemble Amelie Gleeson
Ensemble Armelle Gaston
Ensemble Ash Rogers-Brigden
Ensemble Asha Kelly
Ensemble Ashlee Benter
Ensemble Caitlin Garner
Ensemble Caitlin Symons
Ensemble Daniel Tobin
Ensemble Dante Zawadski-Colliton
Ensemble Elliot Cooper
Ensemble Jamie Sagnol
Ensemble Jye Barker
Ensemble Kaitlyn Gust
Ensemble Lachlan Trigg
Ensemble Luke Perry
Ensemble Sammie Nicholson
Ensemble Sophie Greaves
Ensemble Susan Malikoff
Ensemble Taylah Hautot
Ensemble Tiffany Tracey
Ensemble Tobin Varley
Ensemble Tom O’Sullivan

Godspell Photos

Here are a selection of photos from last night’s dress rehearsal.

Special thanks to Greta Punch for taking these for us.

Please be sure to get your tickets, we open tomorrow night!

Meet the Cast


Over the coming weeks, we will be proudly introducing the principal cast members of our January Australiasian Premiere of BIG FISH – THE MUSICAL! Stay tuned to meet the amazingly talented bunch who will be leading this very exciting production!