Big Fish Cast Announcement

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for Big Fish this year. It’s always a hard job for the production team to select a cast, but with the level of talent showcased this year has made it even harder. Below you will find a list of all the successful applicants. Remember, if your name doesn’t appear on the list, it doesn’t mean that you were bad or did something wrong. As much as we’d love to have all of you, it’s just not possible. We encourage all of you come back and audition again for our future shows.

Part Name
Alabama Lamb Gabby Good
Alabama Lamb Jenna McKenzie
Alabama Lamb Marti McKenzie
Alabama Lamb Nicky McKenzie
Amos Calloway Wade Fullerton
Don Price Tom Kelly
Dr. Bennett Angela Kenna
Edward Bloom Ryan Quinn
Fisherman James Hickman
General Patterson Luke Perry
Jenny Hill Rebecca Fullerton
Josephine Bloom Annabel Ziegeler
Karl the Giant Lyndon Hurley
Mermaid Lauren Wrigley
Red Fang Brother Lachie Trigg
Red Fang Brother Tobin Varley
Sandra Bloom Maddy Jackway
The Mayor Phoebe Sloane
The Witch Chloe McInnes
Will Bloom Toby McKenzie
Young Will Alec Watson
Zacky Price Will Bonney
Ensemble Aaron Body
Ensemble Aislinn Primmer
Ensemble Alana Johnson
Ensemble Alicia Wrigley
Ensemble Amelie Gleeson
Ensemble Ash Rogers-Brigden
Ensemble Asha Kelly
Ensemble Caitlin Garner
Ensemble Caitlin Symons
Ensemble Chelsea Benter
Ensemble Courtney Dunn
Ensemble Daniel Tobin
Ensemble Dante Zawadski-Colliton
Ensemble Dayne Eggers
Ensemble Ellie Johnson
Ensemble James Anderson
Ensemble James Lugton
Ensemble Jennifer Rowan
Ensemble Jess Spencer
Ensemble Keelan Mast
Ensemble Luke Bartlett
Ensemble Madeline Solly
Ensemble Robert Doherty
Ensemble Susan Malikoff
Ensemble Tiffany Tracey
Ensemble Tom O’Sullivan
Ensemble Vanessa Parkinson
Ensemble Zara Lukeis

Big Fish Audition Callbacks

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who has auditioned for our production of “Big Fish” over the last week. We have been overwhelmed by the talent and are incredibly excited to be one step closer to finalising our cast!

Some principal characters and dancers will be invited to attend the callbacks on Monday the 21st at the audition venue– you will be notified of the specific time.

Some of the characters that we are calling back will be required to sing the following material:

  • Edward Bloom – “Time Stops” (/)
  • Sandra Bloom – “Time Stops” (/)
  • Will Bloom – “Stranger” (/)
  • Josephine and Jenny – “Two men in my life” first 30 seconds. Bar 1 bar 10 (/)
  • Amos – “Closer to her” Bar 7-22 (/)
  • Don and Zach – “Start Over” Bar 3-16 (/)
  • The Witch – “The Witch Song” (/)

The sheet music and an mp3 of the track can be found at the links above.