Happy Christmas

From all the cast and crew of Big Fish, we’d like to wish everyone a very happy and safe Christmas.

If anyone was lucky enough to find tickets under their tree, believe us when we say that it’ll be the best present you got this year!

We’ve all been working hard for the last four months, getting ready for Big Fish, and it’s shaping up to be one of our best shows yet! Now we’re having a few days off to spend with our ‘other’ families, before coming back to put the finishing touches on a spectacular show.

Spreading the Christmas spirit


The cast and crew of Holiday Actors have been hard at work learning the songs and practicing the choreography in preparation for the upcoming production. In addition to everything else on everyone’s busy schedules, several past and present cast and crew members have gone the extra mile and delighted the locals and tourists of Warrnambool with some festive carols.
Recently our group of merry carollers made the annual visit to the Warrnambool Base Hospital and sang for the staff and patients, bringing a tear to a few eyes and brightening up the day for those feeling down.
As the organiser of this year’s HA carols I have been very pleased with the number of cast members showing up at each and every carolling session and I couldn’t be more proud of those who really go above and beyond.
It’s not too late to hear us sing, there are still several sessions left and we would love to see you there! We will be carolling at the Civic Green on Sunday the 20th at 9am, Bunnings Warehouse on Thursday the 24th at 11am and Gateway Plaza, also on the 24th, at 1pm.

Wade Fullerton, Junior Committee 2015/16


Meet the Cast: Rebecca & Angela

12356035_10153173378312617_1974703542_oREBECCA FULLERTON – JENNY HILL

Tell us about your character!

In Act one, we meet Jenny Hill as a cheerleader and “the prettiest, smartest and blondest girl in Ashton”. Taking home the Prom Queen tiara alongside ‘Ashton’s Favourite Son’ Edward Bloom, Jenny is convinced that her future is destined to be with her “one true love”. When Edward sets off ‘On the Road’ to follow his big ambitions, Jenny holds onto his promise of returning. In Act two, after a broken marriage and loneliness, Jenny falls into a deep depression. When Edward at last comes back, Jenny claims he is “too late”….

What does the title of the show “BIG FISH” mean to you?

The title Big Fish can be interpreted in so many ways. Coming out of Ashton, Edward is referred to as “a big fish from a small pond”, meaning his dreams and ambitions are too large to take place in the teeny town of Ashton. According to his son Will, Edward’s life achievements were bigger than what could have been reality as he’s only ever heard them through his “crazy stories”. Throughout the show, Will tries to define whether these tales were real or just a big kettle of fish. It isn’t until Will discovers his Dad’s biggest secret that he saved his home town from a flood (now why would that be a secret? Come and see Big Fish to find out!). Overall, I consider the title Big Fish to be about striving to achieve great things and to leave your own legacy.

What are two things that you will remember from your BIG FISH experience?

Only two?! There are hundreds of things I’ll remember from the Big Fish experience!
First and foremost, the team; aka the Holiday Actors family. No doubt the newest of members will agree with me that being a part of the cast is the most wonderful blessing. This is my sixth season with the company, but I’ve felt a part of the family ever since my first year. Together we laugh, cry, smile, dance, sing, act, develop skills… and form friendships that I’m sure will last for a lifetime.
Secondly, that Big Fish is the probably the biggest challenge Holiday Actors have ever attempted to tackle (pun intended). Every cast member is heavily involved with intense choreography, complex harmonies and a broad spectrum of blocking styles (eg from Whoville to grave yard characteristics). Backstage will be crazy… the majority of us have at least eight costume changes in Act one alone! Tyler has the most whimsical imagination of set construction… can’t wait until Bump In! All of these challenges, however, are collaborating to create the most brilliant production Warrnambool will ever have seen… especially being the Australasian premiere! The enjoyment from putting on such a challenging yet rewarding show will be unforgettable.

What are two things that the audience will take away from seeing BIG FISH?

The first night audience members see Big Fish, they will come away thinking “Wow! What a spectacular performance! Did you see that…?  How about those vocals? And the band! What about those tricks from the circus girls and Red Fang brothers? That Alabama Stomp was sure fun; such energy! And goodness gracious, those sets! What immaculate costumes!” (That all counts as one thing the audience will remember, right?)They will also come out hysterical… the ending is très triste. However I’d highly recommend seeing it a second time (or third, fourth, fifth… sixth if we could, it’s certainly worth it) to fully understand the depth and meaningfulness of the story line. This musical is far more than just a repertoire of cowboy do-si-does and circus acts; it is a beautiful tale in which audience members will potentially take away morals of love, family and truth.

12355741_10153173377512617_241847990_oANGELA KENNA – DR. BENNETT

Tell us about your character!

My character is a Dr Bennett, she is caring, down to earth and very close with Edward Bloom.

What does Edward mean when he says to “Be The Hero Of Your Story”?

I feel Edward means that we need to believe in ourselves. We shouldn’t play the role of the damsel in distress waiting for happiness or love, we need to go out and be our own hero of our own story, grabbing every opportunity that goes by, finding love, finding happiness, taking control and conquering challenges and most importantly being confident in our own skin and in our own stories.

What are two things that you will remember from your BIG FISH experience?

I could never forget the show as a whole due to its story line. I love the story and the overall message it delivers to audiences about life, love and friendship. I also could never forget the fun at rehearsals, the big dance numbers and the moments were we are all together as one. It’s a wonderful feeling being a part of such an amazing team.

What are two things that the audience will take away from seeing BIG FISH?

They will take away lots of emotions from the show. Hopefully they’ll want to laugh, smile, cry, dance and tell their friends all about it. They will also take away a different outlook on life, after reading the script I know I did. It’s a story that will stay in your heart forever whatever your age. I know they will fall in love with the story, the dance numbers, the songs and the sets and costumes. Come and see the show!!!

Meet the Production Team: Aradie Walters

12236674_10153142985502617_2095637157_oAradie Walters – Co-Vocal Director

Aradie’s journey with Holiday Actors began as a chorus member in Annie (2007). As a cast member, she went on to play Mrs Potts in Beauty and the Beast (2009) and Aunt Eller in Oklahoma! (2010). It was with Oklahoma! that Aradie also first took on a directorial role for the company, as vocal director. The next year, she co-directed and vocally directed the Victorian premiere of Curtains (2011). Aradie musically directed the first show for Holiday Actors’ Young Directors Program, Songs for a New World (2013), and went on to vocally direct A Chorus Line (2014) for the program the next year. Earlier this year, Aradie vocally directed and was the conductor for Holiday Actors’ 30th Anniversary Gala concert.

Outside of Holiday Actors, Aradie performed in six musicals with King’s College, also directing Bye Bye Birdie (2008) for the school and assisting with the direction of Pirates of Penzance (2014). While at university, she performed with Geelong Lyric Theatre Society in Fiddler on the Roof (2010) and Pirates of Penzance (2011). More recently, she also vocally directed The Wedding Singer (2014) and directed Little Shop of Horrors (2015) for Warrnambool College. Aside from the musical theatre world, Aradie teaches drama, music, English and psychology at Warrnambool College, as well as a bit of piano on the side.

Being involved in Holiday Actors for so many years has been a major framework for Aradie’s teaching philosophy that, given high expectations and the opportunity, young people can achieve incredible things. Big Fish is setting a new bar for Holiday Actors. Even if you’re a Holiday Actors veteran, you’ll be surprised at what these kids have been able to achieve with some talent and a lot of hard work.