Big Fish Now Showing!

We had a spectacular opening night, last night. Here are just some of the reactions from the fantastic crowd that came to see us.
You haven’t just raised the bar, you have catapulted it to amazing new heights!” – Emm Bell
Terrific night tonight at “Big Fish”. Special mentions to Ryan Quinn and Tyler Hess as lead and director for their incredible work!” – Andrew Philpot
So so incredible!! Totally blown away.” – Ann Body
Very emotional show and I think the depth of the characters was exceptional.” – Liz Jackway
Wonderful production! Top notch opening night!” – Cathy Gleeson
Congratulations to the cast, orchestra and crew of Big Fish! You are such an amazingly talented group of people and should be so proud of the energy, smiles and commitment you brought to the stage on opening night…you all completely took my breath away with the professionalism and enjoyment shown by each and every one of you. Chookas for your remaining performances, I hope you enjoy them as much as the audience will enjoy seeing you bring this wonderful story to life night after night” – Clare Dunn

Tickets are still available for our remaining shows, but they’re selling fast! Grab yours from or call 03 5559 4999 to book.

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Meet the Cast: Chloe, Tom & Will

12465347_10153222323222617_990293129_oCHLOE MCINNES – THE WITCH

Tell us about your character!

The witch is the earliest fantastical character that Edward talks about. She is sassy and outrageous and very enthusiastic about the future.

Dream bigger?

 I think it’s important to dream bigger because it makes the difference between living life and living a life filled with the fantasies we were told as a kid and making the most of every opportunity.

Tell us about your ‘Big Fish’ experience!

Two things I’m going to take away from my experience with big fish is the fantastic people that I’ve met and become good friends with and the crazy amazing costumes and sets that are being designed, it’s all so wonderful.

How do you think our audience will react?

I think that the audience will leave feeling inspired and touched by the story and characters of Big Fish and hopefully they will have the songs going around in their heads as well.

12465205_10153222325382617_2035397914_oTOM KELLY – DON PRICE

Tell us about your character!

My characters’ name is Don Price, he is a person who grew up in the small town of Ashton in the shadow of someone far greater than himself, Edward Bloom, this leads him to hate him for a very long time. Don is obnoxious and quite selfish. He is by no means intelligent and would fail gravity if it were a subject. He meets a lovely girl and falls in love only to lose her to Edward Bloom, the same boy he had been second best to his whole life. Things work out well for my character in the end but all in all he isn’t the nicest character in Big Fish.

Is your character a big fish or a little fish?

In the beginning I feel as though Don is a little fish that is always trying as hard as he possibly can to be a big fish. Nothing he does is ever really noticed by anyone because everyone is always so amazed by what Edward can do as he is better than Don in every way. But at the end I would class Don as a big fish.

If you could sum up rehearsals in 3 words – what would they be and why?

Loud – If you put 50 teenagers that love to sing dance and act in a hall together you can bet your bottom dollar it’s going to be pretty noisy.

Fun – I don’t mean to repeat myself but if you put 50 teenagers that all have very similar interests in a hall together and make them spend a full day, once a week for about 3 months those teenagers get up to all kinds of shenanigans.

Amazing – I have made so many new friends that are now like family to me and that is entirely due to getting into Holiday Actors and rehearsals so i can use no other word than amazing.

Big Fish is a story for the whole Family…Why?

This musical has everything. A mermaid, a werewolf, a giant, cowboys, cheerleaders and soldiers. It is visually pleasing and has a very talented cast but above all else this musical is a story for the whole family because of how much heart it has. It is for the whole family because when it comes down to it it is about family, it’s about a bond between a father and his son and how without that bond you can lose people. There is humour, emotion singing and dancing and if that isn’t enough for the whole family I don’t know what is.

12489949_10153222321442617_128858395_oWILL BONNEY – ZACKY PRICE

Tell us about your character!

Zacky Price is a bumbling, nerdy character who lives in the shadow of his older brother Don. Zacky follows Don everywhere he goes and doesn’t do much to put a stop to his brother’s cruel antics.

Is your character a big fish or a little fish?

At the start of the show, Zacky Price is definitely a little fish, looking up to his mean spirited, bully of a brother. But Zacky does have somewhat of a journey throughout the story of the show.

If you could sum up rehearsals in 3 words – what would they be and why?

Gruelling. Worthwhile. And most importantly –  fun. A show like Big Fish requires so much dedication and hard work, but in the end it all pays off when we get to put on such a high quality shows. As for the fun, the people that I’ve met through Holiday Actors are amazing and make every rehearsal so enjoyable.

Big Fish is a story for the whole Family…Why?

Big Fish is a show of tall tales and fantasies, with numbers that have a certain child-like wonder, but at it’s heart is a story about a father and son reconciling a fragmented relationship. There aren’t many other shows that can blend these two genres so perfectly to make a show for everyone of all ages.