Godspell Cast Announcement

We are pleased to announce our cast for Godspell. Thank you to everyone who auditioned. For those that didn’t make it, we hope to see you back again for our next show.

Part Name
Jesus Tom Kelly
John the Baptist/Judas Toby McKenzie
The disciples:
‘Day by Day’ soloist Caitlin Garner
‘Learn Your Lessons Well’ soloist Vanessa Parkinson
‘Bless the Lord’ soloist Angela Kenna
‘All Good Gifts’ soloist Wade Fullerton
‘All Good Gifts’ dance soloist Jess Spencer
‘Light of the World’ soloist Lyndon Hurley
‘Turn Back, O Man’ soloist Annabel Ziegler
‘By My Side’ soloist
and ‘Turn Back, O Man’ dance soloist
Chloe McInnes
 ‘We Beseech Thee’ soloist James Anderson

Godspell Audition Info

Thanks so much to everyone who came to the Information and Pre-Audition Workshop for GODSPELL! It was so awesome catching up with you all and meeting a few new faces, too! Really looking forward to your auditions on Sunday 20th March, between 1:30-8pm! If you haven’t booked in your audition time yet, give me a call or text on 0476 164 627 or just message me on Facebook. If you couldn’t make it but would like to audition or need a bit of help practicing, the audition sheet, music and dialogue are available below.

-Rebecca Fullerton

Audition application
Vocal Audition – ‘Bless the Lord’ melody (Lindsay, the top line) from bars 1-47.
Have fun with this piece! Feel free to ad lib and show off your creativity!
Vocal Audition Recording – Note from Nikki: Sorry about how rough it is, it’s a recording of the original recording but I was having a bit of trouble! I hope you guys can get the idea of the lead vocals and I’m keen to see you all on Sunday! If you want to bring an additional audition song I’m happy to accompany you if you bring the music on the day or you can also send it to me on Facebook if you wish!
Audition Dialogue – Feel free to ‘ad lib’ this one, too! The narrator depicted in this scene has a southern-preacher-style accent, but you may like to try out the WWJD/wrestling setting or come up with your own creative spin! It’s up to you! Remember that you’re preparing the entire scene; you can choose whether you go for a narrator-single-character approach or change positions/voices/etc on the spot for different characters.
Have fun! Let me know if you have any questions!
Choreography Video – Note from Rachel: I’ve filmed a version from front on, and one from behind so you can copy the exact feet instead of reversing it. Take note, the first version got cut off before the turns at the end, so don’t forget to watch both versions! ALSO, remember that I want big energy, personality, and to see how much fun you guys can have!! Get practising!

Godspell Information Day and Pre-Audition Workshop


‘PREPARE YE THE WAY’ for Holiday Actor’s Young Director’s Program in 2016… GODSPELL! Music by Stephen Schwartz (Wicked, Pocahontas, Pippin….) and book by John-Michael Tebalak.
This production will be directed by Rebecca Fullerton, vocally directed by terrific Toby McKenzie, choreographed by radiant Rachel Koenig and musically directed by noble Nikki Nuske.
‘TURN BACK, O MAN’ all you year 7’s to 20 year olds to the Warrnambool Presbyterian Church on Sunday 13th March from 1:30-4pm for the Information and Pre-Audition Workshop. Parents are welcome to attend the information session. Be sure to bring a drink bottle and comfy clothes!
Be sure to share this poster with all of your friends! Designed by the talented Toby McKenzie!
Looking forward to seeing all of your lovely faces and hearing all of your beautiful voices! COME SING ABOUT LOVE!