Godspell Progress Update

Rehearsals for the Young Directions production of ‘Godspell’ are well and truly in full swing. With show week inching closer and closer by the minute, the cast, band and creatives are putting no less that 110% into refining and polishing to make this show the best it can possibly be.

Over the Queen’s Birthday weekend the cast headed into the wilderness, to the Naringal Baptist church for camp. An intensive two days was spent fixing choreography and blocking, running the show for the first time and most importantly having a blast with our small and loving cast. Upon arrival the cast performed some material from the show during the service. Our renditions of Prepare Ye and God Save The People were very well received by the congregation and we were wished the best of luck in our show by many.

After the service it was time to hit the road. A convoy of cast members popped ‘round the corner to our friend, Lawrence Hose’s farm for our official photo shoot. What an experience. Theatre kids generally don’t belong in the back of utes, or in cold and muddy paddocks, but we’re an adventurous team and we survived (and Greta got some awesome photos too). A big thank you to Lawrence and his family for allowing us crazy kids to invade his property! The rest of the afternoon was spent with our incredible choreographer, Rachel, perfecting all our dance moves. Just before dinner we spent some time bonding and writing positive affirmations for each other, then afterwards it was time for Red Faces!

Every single act performed was well thought out and well rehearsed and thankfully the Chinese Dragon did not make an appearance. In 3rd place were the directors and their stunning performance of Solla Sollew from Seussical, 2nd place was Annie and Ness and their sassy rendition of Take Me Or Leave Me from Rent and in 1st place was Vanessa singing She Used To Be Mine from Waitress. Some other stand out acts were J&J’s inspired interpretive dance number, Spongebob and Patrick’s camp fire song and Angela’s heartfelt, original ballad. Then everyone snuggled in together to watch the film adaptation of Godspell before it was time to hit the hay.

Day 2 began with the most amazing breakfast spread in Holiday Actors history, consisting of waffles, ice cream, maple syrup (Canadians), bacon, porridge and an array of fresh fruit! The rest of the day was spent running the show and revising blocking.

Again, camp was a massive success for all involved bringing us closer to an amazing show, and closer to one another!

-Vanessa Parkinson