Hall of Fame

There have been many people who have contributed a great deal to Holiday Actors over the years, and as such have been recognised with various awards.

The Laurel Langdon Award acknowledges those people who have given of their expertise, time and energy to the promotion and advancement of Holiday Actors Inc through their contribution to the current annual production. Laurel Langdon was elected Secretary of the Inaugural Committee in 1986 and worked tirelessly for Holiday Actors Inc in that capacity until her death in December 1995.

Life Membership is granted to recipients for their outstanding and/or extraordinary service to Holiday Actors Inc.

Inductees into the Hall of Fame are current or former junior members who have made an outstanding contribution to Holiday Actors, usually over a period of some years.

The Bernie Award acknowledges outstanding effort and committment by a Holiday Actors member (usually a cast member) involved in the current production. This award is named in recognition of the outstanding contribution made to Holiday Actors by Bernie Noonan (now Tichbon). Over a period of twenty years Bernie filled many roles, including Costume Coordinator, Advisory Committee member, President and Production Manager. She was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1997 and was awarded Life Membership in 1999.

The Merran Adams Award acknowledges outstanding effort and commitment by an orchestra member involved in the current Holiday Actors production. The award is named in recognition of the outstanding contribution made to Holiday Actors by the late Merran Adams. Merran was a “founding” member of Holiday Actors, being the music teacher at St Ann’s when the company began, and she continued to take a keen interest in, and provide generous support to, Holiday Actors until her passing in 2010.

Laurel Langdon Award Recipients

2022 Borthwick Family
2020 Joel Barker
2019 Gleeson Family
2018 McKenzie Family
2017 Gore Family
2016 Tyler Hess
2015 Benter Family
2014 Aaron McDonald
2013 Maja Pearson
2012 Rachel Peters
2011 Pech/Russell Family
2010  Margaret & Mike Coates
2009 Lyle Russell
2008 Neil Ballard – Assistant Secretary
2007 Claire Macrae Drylie – Production
2006 Janet Punch – Secretary
2005 Erin Groves and Tom Ballard – Junior Presidents
2004 John Goodwin – Sets/Special Props/Backstage
2003 Sue Spartels – Presidents/Publicity
2002 Janet, Steve and Emmalee Bell – Production
2001 Elaine Walther – Follow Spot/Backstage
2000 Barrie Johnson – Stage Management
1999 Peter Linton – Set Construction
1998 Norma Koehne – Secretary
1997 Peter O’Keefe – Orchestra
1996 Andrew Philpot

The Holiday Actors’ Hall of Fame

2022 Zara Lukeis
2020 Aislinn Primmer
2019 Angela Kenna
2018 James Anderson & Phoebe Sloane
2017 Emily Trigg & James Hickman
2016 Tobin Varley
2015 Wade Fullerton
2014 Elijah Ziegeler
2013 Rachel Koenig
2012 Billy Sloane
2011 Louis Carvalho & Ali McLaren
2010 Greta Punch
2009 Dale Sampson
2008 Stephen Walters
2007 David “Moose” Prince
2006 Angus Macpherson
2005 Helena Moore
2004 Brooke Williamson
2002 Zack Pretlove, Steven Watts, Michael Williams
2001 Danielle Funnell
2000 Janet Bell
1999 Su Mellarsh-Lucas
1998 Claire Drylie
1997 Bernie Noonan
1996 Laurel Langdon
1995 Ami Thies, Jessica Howard
1994 Paul Mair
1993 Michelle Allen

Life Members

2020 Joel Barker
2019 Lucy Keough
2018 Donna Lumb
2017 Jonathan Cox, John MacInnes
2016 Aradie Walters
2015 Brooke Chambers, Sue Sloane
2014 Michael Downes
2013 Margaret Coates
2012 Lyle Russell
2011 Maja Pearson
2010 Danielle Gladman
2009 Neil Ballard, Janet Punch
2008 Michael Lynch
2007 Helen Bunyon
2006 Michael Williams, Steve Watts
2005 Janet Bell, Sue Spartels
2004 Claire Drylie, Rosemary Gunn, Joan McIntyre, Meike Van Zelst
2003 Peter O’Keefe
2001 Barrie Johnson, Andrew Philpot
2000 John Goodwin, Simon Goodwin
1999 Bernie Noonan, Elaine Walther

Bernie Award Recipients

2022 Harry Price
2020 Eden Agnew & Lachlan Trigg
2019 Demby McKenzie
2018 Vanessa Parkinson
2017 Zara Lukeis
2016 Toby McKenzie
2015 Riley Holcombe
2014 Rebecca Fullerton
2013 Maddie Jackway
2012 Greta Punch
2011 Justin Powell
2010 Aradie Walters
2009 Jacki McLeod
2008 Annie Lumsden
2007 Alex Moroney
2006 Tom Ballard

Merran Adams Award

2022 Dean Mulholland
2020 Millie Quarrell
2019 Harry Fahey
2018 Nikki Nuske
2016 Lindsay Stow
2015 Winona Cox
2014 Jonathan Cox
2013 Hamish Ander
2012 Geoff Kilminster
2011 John MacInnes