Junior Committee

The Holiday Actors Junior Committee is elected each year by the cast and is in charge of organising various events, including carolling, fundraising, theatre sports, and the cast party.

Junior Committee Presidents
2019-2020 Aaron Body & Keelan Mast
2018-2019 Angela Kenna & Maddie Solly
2017-2018 Dayne Eggers & Maddie Solly
2016-2017 Angela Kenna & Annabelle Ziegeler
2015-2016 James Hickman & Rebecca Fullerton
2014-2015 Jacqui Lumsden & Elijah Ziegeler
2013-2014 Elijah Ziegeler & Eliza Sully
2012-2013 David Coates & Raven Hancock
2011-2012 Louie Carvalho & Maddie Winzar
2010-2011 David Coates & Ali McLaren
2009-2010 Ali McLaren & Mathew Delaney
2020 (Mamma Mia) Golden Bogie: Aaron Body, Eden Agnew and Aislinn Primmer

Tim Burch: Keelan Mast and Kaitlyn Gust

2019 (Boy from Oz) Golden Bogie: Kaitlyn Gust and Demby McKenzie

Tim Burch: Angela Kenna and Aaron Body

2018 (Wicked) Golden Bogie: Phoebe Sloane  and James Anderson

Tim Burch: Vanessa Parkinson and Lachlan Trigg

2017 (Sweet Charity) Golden Bogie: Angela Kenna, Dayne Eggers, Lachlan Trigg and Gabriel Tejano

Tim Burch: Phoebe Sloane

2016 (Big Fish) Golden Bogie: Rebecca Fullerton and Ryan Quinn

Tim Burch: Phoebe Sloane

2015 (West Side Story) Golden Bogie: Dayne Eggers

Tim Burch: Rebecca Fullerton

2014 (High School Musical) Golden Bogie: Toby McKenzie & Sara Bolch

Tim Burch: Elijah Ziegeler & Rebecca Fullerton

2013 (Hairspray) Golden Bogie: Didi Peters & Sara Bolch

Tim Burch: David Coates

2012 (South Pacific) Golden Bogie: Greta Punch & Didi Peters

Tim Burch: Louis Carvalho & Lachlan Leith

2011 (Curtains) Golden Bogie: Andrew Coates
Golden Bogie: Dale Sampson
Tim Burch: Justin Powell
2010 (Oklahoma!) Golden Bogie: Dale Sampson, Mat Delaney & Callum Laurenson

Tim Burch Award: Andrew Coates

2009 (Beauty and the Beast)
Golden Bogie: Andrew Coates (Book Seller, Ensemble)
Golden Bogie: Annie Lumsden (Belle)
Tim Burch: Justin Powell (Cogsworth) & Kate Lumsden (Wardrobe)
2008 (Jesus Christ Superstar) Golden Bogie: Meg Lumsden (Apostle, Soul Girl)
Golden Bogie: Wil Ridley (Jesus)
Tim Burch: Dale Sampson (Soul Girl)
2007 (Annie) Golden Bogie: Dale Sampson (Ensemble)
Golden Bogie: Stephen Walters (Warbucks)
Tim Burch: Tali Morrissey (Annie)
2006 (Seussical) Golden Bogie: Jackie McLeod (JoJo)
Tim Burch: Brad Mathieson (Horton)
2005 (The Music Man) Golden Bogie: Adam Kirk (Harold Hill)
Golden Bogie: Jane Barber (Marian Paroo)
Tim Burch: Helena Moore (Mrs Paroo)
2004 (My Favorite Year) Golden Bogie: Tyler Hess (Benjy Stone)
Golden Bogie: Leah Senior (KC Downing)
Tim Burch: Adam Kirk (Alan Swann)
2003 (The Mikado) Golden Bogie: Zack Pretlove (Ko-Ko)
Golden Bogie: Brooke Williamson (Yum-Yum)
Tim Burch: Adam Kirk (Nanki-Poo)