Mamma Mia Cast Announcement

Thank you to all who auditioned for the Holiday Actors’ 2020 show Mamma Mia.

The casting process was very demanding as we had over 100 talented performers audition. We are delighted to announce our 2020 Mamma Mia Holiday Actors Cast.
Congratulations to all successful cast members!

Part Name
Donna Sheridan Kaitlyn Gust
Sophie Sheridan Zara Lukeis
Rosie Aislinn Primmer
Tanya Megan Radley
Sam Carmichael Demby McKenzie
Harry Bright Kodey Pfeiffer
Bill Austin Harry Price
Sky Keelan Mast
Pepper Liam King
Eddie Taine De Manser
Ali Eden Agnew
Lisa Grace Agnew
Father Alexandrios Aaron Body
Featured Dancer Teagan Rix
Featured Dancer Alyssa Finney
Featured Dancer Amelie Gleeson
Featured Dancer Lacey Gleeson
Featured Dancer Ava Howells
Featured Dancer Makani Gladman
Featured Dancer Aisha Gladman
Featured Dancer Alli Beks
Featured Dancer Lachlan Trigg
Featured Dancer Connor Gurry
Featured Dancer Thomas Hughes
Featured Dancer Eli Fahey
Featured Vocalist Tessa Williams
Featured Vocalist Millie Kenna
Featured Vocalist Esther Lim
Featured Vocalist Zoe Borthwick
Featured Vocalist Tom Partridge
Featured Vocalist Izaak Agnew
Featured Vocalist Iesha Kenna
Featured Vocalist Madidi McKenzie
Featured Vocalist Jye Barker
Featured Vocalist Nick Northeast
Featured Vocalist Aaron Body
Ensemble Taz Reuel
Ensemble Sarah Ewing
Ensemble Monique Beames
Ensemble Sammie Nicholson
Ensemble Alex Baker
Ensemble Neil Phipps
Ensemble Pyper Templeton
Ensemble Laura Hickey
Ensemble Caitlin Laird
Ensemble Caitlin Garner
Ensemble Ella Pattison
Ensemble Zoee Boyden
Ensemble Amy Hughes
Ensemble Mia Routson
Ensemble Ginger Conquest
Ensemble Sam Lukeis
Ensemble Elliot Cooper
Ensemble Arwen Bounds
Ensemble Emily Bartlett
Ensemble Molly Carey
Ensemble Cassidy Jamieson
Ensemble Hollie Burgess
Ensemble Tom Cavarsan
Ensemble Max Cavarsan

Les Misérables Cast Announcement

It is with great excitement that Holiday Actors and Warrnambool Theatre Company announce the cast for our much anticipated joint production of Les Misérables.

The directors had the very difficult job of choosing this cast from the over 100 very talented performers who came to audition.

We would like to thank all those who auditioned Congratulations to all successful cast members.

Part Name
Valjean Toby McKenzie
Javert Lachlan Franklin
Fantine Ami Thies
Cosette Angela Kenna
Eponine Kim Gillie
Marius William Howard
Thenardier Deon Cameron
Madame Thenardier Lauren Whitmore
Gavroche Josiah Agnew
Enjolras Demby McKenzie
Bishop Terry Clift
Young Cosette Zoe Borthwick
Young Cosette Madidi McKenzie
Young Eponine Arwen Bounds
Young Eponine Makani Gladman
Combeferre Matthew Lim
Fueilly James Philpot
Corfeyrac Eli Fahey
Joly Kodey Pfeiffer
Grantaire Harry Price
Jean Provaire Taine De Manser
Lesgles Jye Barker
Student Thomas Partridge
Farmer Dave Clift
Bamatabois Chris Beks
Laboruer Warren Easley
Foreman Roger Punch
Claquesous Tim Keane
Brujon Jonathon Duffy
Babet Edward Ezzy
Monparnsse Luke Bartlett
Café Girl 1 Ava Howells
Café Girl 2 Caitlin Garner
Café Girl 3 Kaitlyn Gust
Factory Girl Laura Vallence
Factory Woman 1 Naomi Noll
Factory Woman 2 Alison McLaren
Factory Woman 2 Carla Fahey
Pimp Joel Barker
Madame Whore Lynne Moloney
Lovely Lady Niamh Nichols
Lovely Lady Maja Pearson
Lovely Lady Britt Butten
Sick Lovely Lady Julie Fortuna-Price
Wigmaker Jane Duffy
Barricade Girl Lucy Keough
Barricade Girl Zara Lukeis
Barricade Girl Amelie Gleeson
Barricade Girl Isabella Condon
Ensemble Danielle Gladman
Ensemble Belinda Birtles
Ensemble Florence Roney
Ensemble Emma Miller
Ensemble Brooke Chambers
Ensemble Sarah Lim
Ensemble Tessa Williams
Ensemble Esther Lim
Ensemble Hayley Gillie

This incredible cast will be hitting The Lighthouse Theatre stage in July. Stay tuned for ticketing information.

Holiday Actors Presents The Boy From Oz

Are you ready to join Holiday Actors for their sensational 2019 Summer Production, THE BOY FROM OZ?

The Boy from Oz is a dazzling, fun and moving story that follows the life of legendary Australian entertainer Peter Allen. From a humble start, Peter was singing in country pubs at age 11. He survived family tragedy to become a teenage TV star. Discovered by Judy Garland, he married her daughter Liza Minnelli and went on to achieve international stardom as a performer and songwriter. The Boy from Oz will have you laughing, crying and dancing in the aisles! The musical includes many of Peter Allen’s best loved hits: Quiet PleaseThere’s A Lady On Stage; Not The Boy Next Door; Everything Old Is New Again; I Honestly Love You; I Still Call Australia Home; Tenterfield Saddler and the show-stopping I Go to Rio.

After our unforgettable staging of the Australasian Premiere of BIG FISH in 2016, HA is excited to welcome back Tyler Hess as Director who will be leading the team comprising of Guild winning choreographer, Emily Trigg. 


Don’t miss out on your chance to see the spectacular show that’s going to be the talk of town this summer!

Boy From Oz Cast Announcement

Holiday Actors is excited to officially announce its 45 talented cast for their 2019 musical production of the iconic ‘The Boy From Oz‘. Featuring some new and some familiar faces to the HA stage, the audition process was hard fought and we know we have the most amazing talent hitting the stage in January.

Tickets are now on sale, and can be purchased through the Lighthouse Theatre. We are excited to introduce dinner packages this year, so you can make the most of the night with family and friends. Stay tuned for more information.

This is a biographical piece of musical theatre. As such, Peter Allen’s story does make reference to mature themes.


Part Name
Peter Allen Demby McKenzie
Judy Garland Angela Kenna
Liza Minelli Kaitlyn Gust
Trio – Karen Caitlin Garner
Trio – Linelle Maddy Solly
Trio – Sheena Grace Agnew
Young Peter Jossi Agnew
Marion Aislinn Primmer
Greg Josh Bartlett
Chris Bell Lachlan Trigg
Dick Woolnough Harry Price
Wally Bell Keelan Mast
Dee Anthony Merrick McDonald
Valerie Anthony/Featured Dancer Taylah Hautot
Josie Mann Phoebe Sloane
Brian Henderson Thomas Hughes
Trick Ashley Rogers-Bridgen
Featured Dancer Alli Beks
Featured Dancer Kelsey Beveridge
Featured Dancer Aisha Gladman
Featured Dancer Makani Gladman
Featured Dancer Amelie Gleeson
Featured Dancer Liam King
Featured Dancer Zara Lukeis
Featured Dancer Martinque McKenzie
Featured Dancer Nicky McKenzie
Featured Dancer Keela Moloney-Smith
Ensemble Aaron Body
Ensemble Hollie Burgess
Ensemble Taine De Manser
Ensemble Eli Fahey
Ensemble Lacey Gleeson
Ensemble Connor Gurry
Ensemble Ava Howells
Ensemble Cassidy Jamieson
Ensemble Iesha Kenna
Ensemble Samantha Nicholson
Ensemble Nicholas Northeast
Ensemble Olivia Perry
Ensemble Neil Phipps
Ensemble Mia Routson
Ensemble Jaimie Sagnol
Ensemble Stone Tighe-Marshall
Ensemble Alec Watson
Ensemble Katie Wise