Shrek Info Day and Auditions Update

Join us for our information session and workshop this Saturday on ZOOM!

The meeting will open at 10:20am to allow for a prompt start at 10:30am.

For the first time in HA’s history, auditions will be held online!
Come along to find out how to best represent yourself in your digital ZOOM audition!
Don’t miss out on booking your audition for next week!

Shrek 2022 Info Pack & Auditions


Grab the info pack here.
Audition materials can be found here.
Info Day Presentation Slides

Audition bookings will close at the conclusion of the Audition Workshop (September 11th, 2021).

Auditionees will need to book in for one of the following Audition Sessions.
Tuesday, September 14th : 6-7:30pm
Tuesday, September 14th : 7:30-9pm
Wednesday, September 15th : 6-7:30pm
Wednesday, September 15th : 7:30-9pm
Thursday, September 16th : 6-7:30pm
Thursday, September 16th : 7:30-9pm

Click here to secure your audition time!

During this time, auditionees will present their solo audition material to the production team, collaborate in a small ensemble on an acting challenge, present the choreography and have fun in the physical warm up!

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled audition session.
Please carefully read the Acting, Vocal and Choreography notes to find out exactly what is required for your audition.

Note: no roles in this production have been pre-cast and the audition process will be rigorous.

Remaining Audition Slots

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Cats Information Pack

Here is the long awaited information pack for Holiday Actors and Warrnambool Theatre Company’s 2021 production of Cats!

Contained in the file below, is everything you will need to know before entering the audition room.

Our information day will be held at TOAD Hall, Manifold Street The Lighthouse Theatre, Warrnambool, on Saturday May 8th from 2pm – 4pm, here you will be introduced to the production team then you will be taught the different parts for the audition – Acting, Singing and Dance.

Mamma Mia – Audition Info Pack

Here is where you will find everything you need to audition for our upcoming production of Mamma Mia!

All of this information will be provided in detail at our info day on September 7th.

There are a limited amount of audition times available after Info Day activities. These are reserved for those who will not be available for the dedicated auditions weekend. If you have a genuine reason for requiring one of these times, please contact Angela as soon as possible.


Full Dance
Slow Version

Music Backing Tracks

Mamma Mia
Under Attack
Knowing Me, Knowing You

Music Recordings

Mamma Mia
Under Attack
Knowing Me, Knowing You