Mamma Mia Cast Announcement

Thank you to all who auditioned for the Holiday Actors’ 2020 show Mamma Mia.

The casting process was very demanding as we had over 100 talented performers audition. We are delighted to announce our 2020 Mamma Mia Holiday Actors Cast.
Congratulations to all successful cast members!

Part Name
Donna Sheridan Kaitlyn Gust
Sophie Sheridan Zara Lukeis
Rosie Aislinn Primmer
Tanya Megan Radley
Sam Carmichael Demby McKenzie
Harry Bright Kodey Pfeiffer
Bill Austin Harry Price
Sky Keelan Mast
Pepper Liam King
Eddie Taine De Manser
Ali Eden Agnew
Lisa Grace Agnew
Father Alexandrios Aaron Body
Featured Dancer Teagan Rix
Featured Dancer Alyssa Finney
Featured Dancer Amelie Gleeson
Featured Dancer Lacey Gleeson
Featured Dancer Ava Howells
Featured Dancer Makani Gladman
Featured Dancer Aisha Gladman
Featured Dancer Alli Beks
Featured Dancer Lachlan Trigg
Featured Dancer Connor Gurry
Featured Dancer Thomas Hughes
Featured Dancer Eli Fahey
Featured Vocalist Tessa Williams
Featured Vocalist Millie Kenna
Featured Vocalist Esther Lim
Featured Vocalist Zoe Borthwick
Featured Vocalist Tom Partridge
Featured Vocalist Izaak Agnew
Featured Vocalist Iesha Kenna
Featured Vocalist Madidi McKenzie
Featured Vocalist Jye Barker
Featured Vocalist Nick Northeast
Featured Vocalist Aaron Body
Ensemble Taz Reuel
Ensemble Sarah Ewing
Ensemble Monique Beames
Ensemble Sammie Nicholson
Ensemble Alex Baker
Ensemble Neil Phipps
Ensemble Pyper Templeton
Ensemble Laura Hickey
Ensemble Caitlin Laird
Ensemble Caitlin Garner
Ensemble Ella Pattison
Ensemble Zoee Boyden
Ensemble Amy Hughes
Ensemble Mia Routson
Ensemble Ginger Conquest
Ensemble Sam Lukeis
Ensemble Elliot Cooper
Ensemble Arwen Bounds
Ensemble Emily Bartlett
Ensemble Molly Carey
Ensemble Cassidy Jamieson
Ensemble Hollie Burgess
Ensemble Tom Cavarsan
Ensemble Max Cavarsan

2020 Show Announcement

We are excited to announce our Summer 2020 show, Mamma Mia!

Set on a Greek island paradise and inspired by the story-telling magic of ABBA’s timeless songs, writer Catherine Johnson’s heart-warming tale centres around Sophie, a young bride-to-be. On the eve of her wedding, Sophie’s quest to discover the identity of her father brings three men from her mother’s past back to the island they last visited 20 years ago.

We are now accepting expressions of interest from directors, musical directors, vocal directors and choreographers. If you have experience in any of these areas and would like to help bring this incredible musical to the Lighthouse Theatre stage, please send your application to


PO BOX 1242

Applications close Friday, May 17th.

For further information, please contact Lyle Russell on 0408 549 095